Philippine Lawmaker filled a bill to fine $50 Dollars all OFW Filipinos leaving to work abroad

A proposed law Bill No. 6195 has been filed by Manila lawmaker Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David aimed at generating funds for the repatriation program of troubled Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)s, but the funds will be collected from them.

The bill, which seeks to amend Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995, provides that for every worker recruited or deployed overseas, recruitment agency or its employer, in addition to the obligation to repatriate its workers shall contribute $50 to OWWA's Emergency Repatriation Fund.

The House measure provides that for every worker recruited or deployed overseas, the recruitment agency or its employer shall contribute $50 to Owwa's Emergency Repatriation Fund.

 "The bill intends to provide the necessary measures for the government to carry out its responsibilities to assist distressed OFWs in cases of war, epidemic, disaster or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events, and promote their general welfare," said Bonoan-David.

RA 8042 has already created and established an Emergency Repatriation Fund under the administration, control and supervision of OWWA with an initial funding of P1 million.

"There are millions of OFWs all over the world which the Philippine government is mandated to protect and safeguard under RA 8042 but it seems incapable to efficiently help distressed OFWs due to financial constraints," said Bonoan-David.

Under the bill, distressed OFWs can be repatriated during wars, epidemics, disasters or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events.

The bill will also establish and maintain an up-to-date database and locator system of OFWs for their repatriation, as well as the necessary disaster preparedness and mitigation measures

OFWs opposed for the no-knowledge law maker for 13 billion OFW fund

The overseas Filipino workers' group Migrante-Middle East is opposed to a legislator's proposal to collect an additional $50 fee from every departing OFW to help sustain the government's emergency repatriation fund under the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). 

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona said that Manila Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David's proposal "is ill advised."

"She may be misinformed because the issue is not about lack of funds," Monterona said in a statement issued on Saturday.

According to him, the OFW trust fund under OWWA is now about 13 billion and is earning. However, the OWWA allegedly does not have enough programs and welfare services to OFWs and their dependents.

"The OWWA has not been transparent on the real status of the OFWs trust fund and where it is being spent," Monterona said.

He claimed that Bonoan-David's proposal "is clearly anti-OFW" because it would just be an added burden to Filipino migrant workers. Monterona also said that it is against the mandate of Republic Act 10022 or the Migrant Workers Act of 2010.

"Instead of imposing additional fees or charges upon our heavy shoulders, considering the huge contribution of OFWs in terms of yearly remittances posting to $1.7-B on April 3 to 4 percentage point higher than the same month of last year, Rep. Bonoan-David must give up and volunteer to channel her millions of pork barrel allocation to OWWA's emergency repatriation fund," Monterona said.

Migrante hopes that Vice President Jejomar Binay, presidential adviser on OFWs concern, will defend the interest of Filipino migrant workers.

"We hope that....[he] is on our side as we have heard him several times issuing statements against additional unnecessary fees and charges overburdening our OFWs," Monterona said.

MIGRANTE International scored a lawmaker's proposal to require overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to pay $50 or around 2,100 as contribution to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (Owwa) Emergency Repatriation Fund before leaving the country.

Who to blame for the OFW Philippine Economy Army (PEA) exodus?

The Philippines have already suffered for the highest unemployment rate of 6.9% as of April 2012 lower than the previous years with the 94 Million people living within the country.

Counting the more than 10 Million Filipinos working abroad as jobless if they remain in the country, it would sum up to approximately 17 Million Filipino jobless or 18% unemployment rate of the country which might lead to the collapse of the Philippines.

The Philippine Government just failed to address the need of the people resulting to the exodus to find a living outside the country.

The exodus also give a better effect to the Philippines economy as it help the Philippines afloat in spite of the US and European financial crisis as the Filipinos working abroad keep on supporting their family and relatives in the Philippines which accounted $1.7 Billion USD in the month of April 2012 alone which grew 5.3% year on year.

The Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW has been praised and named as the Modern Day Heroes or "Bayani in Filipino term" for helping the Philippines to survive from the global financial crisis.

In fact, International economist named the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as Philippine Economy Army (PEA) as the Philippines had been so dependent on the OFW Remittances for the foreign currency needs of the country as its export earnings could not sustain the needs for the demand of Dollars.

OFW tried to survive even in the midst of turmoil in their host countries particularly in the Middle East, a home of Millions of Filipinos investing their lives just to support the needs of their family back home.

The Anti OFW bill of Manila lawmaker Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David is an act of shameless jealous to the OFW after helping the country to survive, they would be penalized for leaving the country.

Many OFW criticized this law maker as selfish, inggitera at "Walang utang Na loob" for the proposed additional $50 US Dollar fine for leaving the country to work abroad.

Pagkatapos makikinabang ang Pilipinas sa pinag hirapan namin na kahit mahirap at mapanganib ay hinarap namin, kahit parang si kamatayan ay halos nasa tabi na namin pinilit namin, ibinubuwis namin ang buhay namin mapakain lang ang pamilya naming naiwan sa Pilipinas dahil walang trabaho sa Pilipinas at iyon ay dahil sa kapalpakan ng govyerno tapos ngayon pag multahin kami, pag bayarin kami ng $50 Dollars kasi lalabas kami para makapag hanap ng trabaho? Bakit lalabas ba kami kung may trabaho diyan? decried by many OFWs.

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