Dirty Politics, and economic policies China hit the Philippines to kneel down- But Not

By: Prince Dan We (For Rebuilding for the Better Philippines)

With china's dream to control the South East Asian countries and its oil and gas resource rich water, China asserts all efforts by economic sanction to its rival claimants in the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea) so everyone will kneel down and pray for their blessings.

Regional economic progress is not the goal of china towards its ASEAN neighbors but just to use them and push them down when the trust building is completed.

As the Philippines flex its muscle and hard stance against the bully of the powerful China in the West Philippines Sea - Scarborough Panatag Shoal's month long stand-off ; China sanctioned the Philippines exports and order a travel ban toward the Philippines.

This is just the beginning. China is determined with its economic power, millions of armed forces and advance but substandard war weapon to bully the Philippines but the US alliance with the Philippines will help the country to stand with 60 year old Mutual Defense Treaty that would be invoke if any external attack to the territory happens.

Unclear china policy and arrogant expansionism attitude escalate the disputes as they are muscle flexing and start invading the shores of the Southeast Asian countries with distance of more than 1,000 kilometers  with a word of revenged sprouted by their communist mouthpiece "Long before we were weak, china is weak and the world are humiliating our people. Now we are strong and powerful – let see how the world will cry when we will humiliate them."

From the beginning of the civilization of the island nation and before the formation of the country "Philippines", China is already a friend and a trading partner passing through the islands in the west Philippines sea as a resting islands in Scarborough and Spratlys or Kalayaan islands which make them name the islands as islands on their way while trading with the island nation now called "The Philippines"

For the revenge of china to the world which they called "humiliated by the world", pity Philippines a long and ancient friend island nation become their enemy and victim of bully.

Never in the history that the Philippines bully its neighbor back to the time when the Philippines is the richest and the second most powerful country next to Japan (1940's – 1960's).

Since china change its tone towards the Philippines it's time for the Philippines to find a new friend to cherish; none betraying friend and a true friend in reality to be a partner in business and progress – the ASEAN neighbors.

Since China is not the only market for the Philippines then the effect of China's sanction toward Philippine products is minimal effect to the country but this is the time for the Philippines to think of; either to allow china invades its territorial waters and let china explore its oil and gas in return of lifting the economic sanction or to make a hard stance with US alliance.

The Philippines would lost its trillion dollar oil and gas deposits leaving the messed and environmental destruction if they will allow china to do it.

The Philippines waters in the West Philippines Sea is a rich resource islands and waters not just for bio diversity and marine products but also for Natural Gas and Oil which will level to the oil deposits in the Arabian gulf.

The Philippines is now a battleground between the power competition of China and USA but the question is who ever will win this battle; still the Philippines will lose not just friendship with Chinese business investors but also the peace and stability of the region.

China could not win a war with a wise country not of their match because it will just ignore it. China is like a roaring lion to a creepy mouse but who will save this lion if it will fall into a lion trap?

The claw of china's dragon might hurt the territory of the mouse size Philippines but they could never own it as the United Nation's Convention on Laws of Seas or UNLCOS is the strongest bases of its ownership.

It's time for the Philippines to look east, west and South friendly BUT wide eyes with anger when looking north because the devil is always came from the North according to a Chinese Feng Shui. Chinese Feng Shui is popularized by China's good-and-bad-luck experts saying that we must be always on the alert because the devil is always came from the north which everyone must beware of it with hard stance to defeat the devil. Feng Shui is also a belief which many Chinese Filipino getting accustom in doing their business rituals.

The business opportunity is not only in the north (china) but also with the East and West or South. Only the Marketing, packaging and product quality standardization is needed for the Philippines agricultural products to be a leading product in the global market without china.

The economic sanction of china could not hardly hit the Philippines in fact the Philippines have higher imports from China than exports.

The Philippines could be self sufficient without the products from China because the china's products is not yet highly sought in the Philippine markets because the Philippines have its own products excepts for Electronics gadgets which are US designed and just manufactured in China such as computer accessories, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets which could be also available and be replaced with Philippines Made electronic gadgets at a better quality and price.

The advantage of the Philippines is its products are mostly agricultural products which are highly needed for daily consumptions while china's products are mostly electronics and could be manufactured anywhere.

Banning china's made products in the Philippines could be also beneficial to the country as it limits the cause of fire from using substandard china made electrical wirings, and will uplift the Philippines from the rank of the countries with patent and infringement issues as china is the provider of imitation and fake goods to the Philippines for a lower price.

The time has come for a change and for full self sufficiency for the country Philippines.

Email Prince Dan We – at Attn: Prince Dan We – defend@phrepublic.info

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